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Practicing Yoga with Babies


Do you want to be a FIT & ACTIVE MUM?

Postnatal Mamas Safe Exercise Program ensures mums return to exercise safely, helping them rebuild from the inside to become super fit mamas! 


Taking care of you is the best gift you can give your baby, your family & yourself...

Our mission at YGTBaby is to help Mamas stay fit and active whether they are exercising for two or safely returning to exercise after baby.

Our trainers are specifically trained & qualified in Pre & Post Natal exercise.

MumSafe™️ Trainers are properly trained, educated and insured.  We work hand-in-hand with Women's Health Physiotherapy partners to ensure you receive the best possible care.

At YGTBaby we encourage you to be kind to yourself, listen to your body and acknowledge the amazing work you are doing taking care of your bubbas - while we set safe programs to guide your health and fitness, helping you attain the level of fitness YOU are ultimately aiming for.

We LOVE seeing your little ones at the studio, but you might want some time to yourself so, bring them along or come alone it's YOUR choice! 

Once the program is completed and/or have been given the all-clear to return to regular exercise, you can rejoin your regular gym, or stay with us and continue to build your strength and fitness with our fabulous female fitness specialist trainers.

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