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Have you experienced a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna yet?

If you have, I'm preaching to the choir... If not, you are missing out!

Try one of our signature YGT Sauna Experiences and you will become a sauna convert.

Available to YGT Members only.

Treat yourself with a restorative infrared sauna experience...

Our Sunlighten sauna uses full-spectrum infrared technology to increase your body temperature, not only relaxing your well-worked muscles but also providing a range of other benefits.

Relaxing in the Infrared Sauna is the perfect complement to any workout routine or as a standalone service to unwind if you are feeling a bit sore or achy from physical activity or life in general.

Your Infrared Sauna session will last 30 minutes, however, your booking is for 1 hour to allow ample time to prepare for your sauna, then shower & dress after your session without feeling rushed. 

Regular sauna use has been associated with benefits such as:

Muscle recovery
Improved sleep
Heart health


Weight loss

To get the maximum benefit from your Infrared Sauna experience, add on a Stretch Therapy treatment to really loosen up your tight muscles - your body will love you for it.

​Choose your Infrared Sauna Experience today and experience the benefits for yourself!



Experience total body relaxation & rejuvenation with our non-invasive Full Body LED treatments.

Currently available to YGT Members only.

Take some time out to relax & repair...

Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses red & near-infrared light to stimulate cellular energy production in the body.

This increased cellular activity can lead to a variety of health benefits, including reduced oxidative stress, decreased inflammation & pain, improved skin health & increased muscle recovery. 

Red Light Therapy increases circulation, however it does not heat the body.

Regular Red Light Therapy use has been associated with benefits such as:

Enhanced muscle recovery & repair
Reduced inflammation
Promotion of would healing
Soft tissue repair
Pain relief

Reduction in eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis

Improved mood & relaxation

Anti-ageing effects

To get the maximum benefit from your Red Light Therapy experience, add on a Massage Treatment to really relax & loosen up your tight muscles.

​Try a Red Light Therapy session and experience the benefits for yourself!

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