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Do you ever wish you were just a little more flexible and limber?

Life is easier when you are living in a body that is pain-free and moves the way you want it to.

Reclaim your vitality with Stretch Therapy.

Move with improved flexibility & freedom...

Quality of life can often be measured by how easily your body responds to the rigours of your everyday routine.

Rising from bed to greet the day with a body that feels well-rested and relaxed, can become your natural state with Stretch Therapy. 

Stretching is arguably the most underrated physical therapy available for anyone suffering from pain and dysfunction.


Effective stretching techniques can bring immediate relief from many types of muscular tightness and pain.

Some of the benefits of Stretch Therapy include;

Reducing muscle tightness,

Increasing flexibility

Increasing range of motion

Enhancing physical performance

Reducing the chance of injury

Promoting faster recovery times.

Stretching can assist with a wide range of symptoms and conditions such as:

Lower back pain and sciatica
Neck and shoulder pain/tightness
Tennis elbow
Tension headache
Pain in the hip, buttocks, calf, hamstrings, forearms

To get the maximum benefit include an Infrared Sauna treatment to warm up your tight muscles in preparation for your Stretch Therapy session - your body will love you for it.

​Are you ready to free up those tight muscles?

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