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Fruits and Vegetables


The LIFESTYLE RE-SET is a 28-day accountability program designed to motivate, guide & support you to reach the weight management goals you set for yourself.


That means YOU choose the level of accountability & the tools you use.

Take Control with Re-Set...

Your busy lifestyle can take a toll on activity & eating habits so let's RE-SET,  take account of where you are & make a plan to get where you want to be!

Our approach is tailored to fit your lifestyle, won't have you counting calories & is most definitely family-friendly. 

What is your goal?

Weight Loss - Do you want to lose body fat?

Weight Gain - Are you happy with your body fat level but want to gain muscle?

Weight Maintenance - Do you want to maintain your current weight & learn how to prepare healthier meals for yourself & your family?

Let our Weight Management Practitioner create an individual plan to help ​RE-SET your body & mind, manage your weight, help you tone up & find the vitality & energy you're looking for!

Why wait any longer? It's time to RE-SET!

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