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If you feel like you are working out and getting nowhere, you're not alone!


Many women find that the diet and exercise that kept them lean in their 20's & 30's DOES NOT work in their 40's & beyond. ​

Why doesn't my body respond like it used to?

The simple fact is that our bodies do not respond to exercise the way they did in our earlier years, not only that but keeping up the same exercise routine could be having the opposite effect - causing you to feel drained & to gain more weight around your middle.

It's ok - we're here to help.

Our Meta Re-Set program will show you how and why your old exercise regimens no longer work for you while engaging you with effective 30, 45 OR 60 minute workouts that will help you Re-Set your body and get your mojo back.

You can choose to either join our Small Group Sessions, where group sizes are restricted to 6 to ensure there is plenty of room to move & you have the personal attention you deserve, or if you prefer, you can book a one-on-one 30, 45 or 60 minute Personal Training Session in our Private Studio.

Our Meta Re-Set includes PT or Group Sessions + Your Personalised Weight Management and fitness Program + Evolt Body Composition Scans, Infrared Sauna access, Stretch Therapy and more!  Want to know more about the Meta Re-Set Program? Get in touch below!

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