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It's just like a regular Personal Training session but you get to bring a buddy and split the cost.  It's a workout and a catch-up.

YGT offers two-on-One  30, 45 & 60 minute Personal Training sessions tailored to meet your goals, in our Private Eltham South Studio.

It's more fun with a friend...

There are so many benefits to training with a friend!

It creates an opportunity for busy friends to catch up,


It helps with motivation on those days when getting to the studio can be hard - and let's be honest...we all have those, and it means there is someone there to share the pain, (just jokes, there's no pain).

Together we will discuss your fitness goals, what type of exercise you enjoy the most, and design a plan that suits both of you.

Two-on-One Personal Training is about sharing the fun (and cost) of exercise while helping each other to reach your fitness goals!

Want more? Check out our RE-SET Program to take your health and fitness journey to the next level.

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