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It's just like a regular Personal Training session but you get to bring a buddy & split the cost.  Work out & catch up... it's a win-win!

YGT offers Two-on-One, indoor or ourdoor 30-minute & 45-minute Personal Training sessions tailored to meet your goals, in our Private Eltham South Studio.

It's more fun with a friend...

There are so many benefits to training with a friend!

It creates an opportunity for busy friends to catch up,  It helps with motivation on those days when getting to the studio can be hard - & let's be honest...we all have those, & it means there is someone there to share the pain, (just jokes, there's no pain).

Together we will discuss your fitness goals, what type of exercise you enjoy the most, & design a plan that suits both of you.

Two-on-One Personal Training is about sharing the fun (& cost) of exercise & helping each other to reach your fitness goals!

Want more? Check out our RE-SET Program to take your health & fitness journey to the next level.

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